Ad & Communications

Advertising and copy tests (pre-tests) are used to select and optimize a winning execution’s appeal.  Successful tests include rational diagnostics to address what consumers think as well as emotional measures to understand how consumers  feel.


The Invoke research team collectively holds decades of communications testing experience, enabling us to incorporate best practices and offer an expert view of the results and of their interpretation.

Standard diagnostics that we regularly address include relevance, uniqueness, believability and purchase interest.  We also explore emotional metrics such as empowerment, happiness, belonging and boredom.

Our team is ready to help you with a range of communications engagements, including:


  1. Situational Assessment: Understand current behaviors, pain points, decision making roles, competitive brand perceptions, category usage, and more

  2. Early Message Optimization: Validate assumptions, determine “winning” concepts, and uncover ideas for refinement of mid-level concepts

  3. Final Communications Screen: Choose the messages for launch that are most clear, compelling, brand appropriate, and capture the customer voice

  4. Market Understanding and Impact: Determine awareness, understanding, and the degree to which the messaging is actually driving behaviors.

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