Meet the Team: Peter

Peter Mackey leads the Invoke research team with his extraordinary vision as a Chief Research Officer. He is an effective leader who cultivates a great team dynamic and promotes creative and innovative solutions to problems. Peter is a unique researcher who has excelled in and built...

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Meet the Team: Maria, Project Manager

Maria Tarsici is one of our team members that makes the magic happen by ensuring the quality of our data. For the past five years as a project manager, she has developed a reputation for always finding the right participants for our clients’ studies, being...

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Invoke LIVE Uncovers the DNA of Effective Trailers

Trailers Are Almost As Important As The Movies Themselves Today, the film industry is using high-tech techniques to create IMAX, 3D or even 4D movies. However, when it comes to film promotion, the old-fashioned method still works best. A well-crafted movie trailer is still the centerpiece of the standard film...

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Meet the Team: Wayne

Over the past 7 years, Wayne Goodreau has been helping Invoke’s clients identify the root drivers of consumer preference and behavior, and then translating them into immediate actions for our clients to take. He is a masterful moderator, adept at leading a live discussion with...

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Meet the Team: Holly

As a VP of Sales, Holly Williams introduces Invoke’s disruptive methodology to global brands and helps them reduce the time and cost of making highly informed decisions. She has 20+ years of experience working with clients across a wide range of industries. She’s been using...

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Invoke™ to Demo Next Generation of CoursEval™ at HLC Conference 2017

Improvements Designed to Drive Superior Survey Response Rates and Improve Teaching Effectiveness WALTHAM, MA, March 30, 2017 – Invoke™, the pioneer in course evaluation systems and large-scale online qualitative market research solutions for both higher-ed administration and commercial applications, will demonstrate the next generation of its CoursEval™...

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Sales Director

office, desk, hands, keyboard, cup, coffee, mug, notebook, notepad, journal, watch, objects, business, workingApril, 2017.  Invoke Solutions is revolutionizing the way research is done – from product concept testing and advertisement feedback to television character and plot development. We are trusted by major recognized brands and you can learn more at  Our solution combines qualitative and quantitative research involving patented software and professional services.

Our success is fueling the growth of our Sales team. Are you someone who thrives in a creative environment that is always changing and evolving? Are you someone that lives for the sale, that is relentless in your passion to succeed, is willing to change the conversation and try new things? Are you someone that is self-driven and is always closing? Do you have over seven years of successful sales experience and are eager to take yourself to the next level? If so, we want to hear from you!

Mission Im-paws-sible? Think again

Close your eyes and imagine…  You’re sitting on your couch snuggling with your pet, when a pet food commercial starts playing on the TV.

Your pet jumps from your lap and approaches the TV. It sits a foot away from the screen, staring. Maybe even barking, maybe meowing.

Now imagine this…  You’re doing errands with your dog (not too many people go shopping with their cats, but if you do – we beg that you send us a picture) and you walk into a pet store. Your dog really wants to explore a specific display that catches its attention. Eventually you relent and your dog spends a few minutes sniffing around the display.

We all know that our choices are influenced by advertising.  Now Invoke has research that proves the same is also true for our pets.