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Mission Im-paws-sible? Think again

Close your eyes and imagine…  You’re sitting on your couch snuggling with your pet, when a pet food commercial starts playing on the TV.

Your pet jumps from your lap and approaches the TV. It sits a foot away from the screen, staring. Maybe even barking, maybe meowing.

Now imagine this…  You’re doing errands with your dog (not too many people go shopping with their cats, but if you do – we beg that you send us a picture) and you walk into a pet store. Your dog really wants to explore a specific display that catches its attention. Eventually you relent and your dog spends a few minutes sniffing around the display.

We all know that our choices are influenced by advertising.  Now Invoke has research that proves the same is also true for our pets.

Are Millennials Coming Back to Brick-and-Mortar?

In an effort to further understand the habits and attitudes of Millennials I recently ran an Invoke Xperience with close to 150 Millennial participants. This Xperience focused on better understanding Millennial shopping habits and attitudes. Specifically, I really wanted to understand how they are shopping...

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Are Focus Groups An Endangered Species?

Recently, I came across an interesting Bloomberg Businessweek article discussing the limitations associated with focus groups and the ways some companies were using solutions (such as Invoke’s large-scale online focus groups…ahem, I work there) to overcome these limitations. The article is here: ( The article starts...

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Online Focus Groups & The Electric Kettle

Since the late 1990s when Online Focus Groups first burst onto the scene, they haven’t evolved much. In many ways they are still in their premature and somewhat even naive incarnation. Very much like when the first electric kettles were introduced. Manufacturers understood that this...

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Big Data vs. Integrated Data

or: How my aversion from one buzzword made me fall for another I recently attended The Market Research Event (TMRE) in Nashville and got back with a bad buzzword-rash. Mainly because of one buzzword in particular - ‘Big Data’.   TRENDS & VIRUSES ‘Big Data’ and other trends, like...

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My TMRE 2013 Takeaways Part III: Imagery>Text

This next post is a bit of a subversive, yet important, nugget I walked away with after attending TMRE this year. I heard a good deal of chatter around making insights “stick” and how to help clients and stakeholders internalize and, even more importantly, evangelize...

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My TMRE 2013 Takeaways Part II: Mobile is officially here

In my last post regarding my TMRE takeaways, I covered the presence of online qualitative research at TMRE 2013 and how I see the work I do at Invoke fitting squarely in this space ( This week, I want to focus on something I saw quite...

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