Gun Control:
Millennials and Gun Control

Continuing in my series of posts on gun control following the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, I want to dig back into the data from my Invoke Live session on Social issues to understand better how young people are reacting. If...

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Gun Control:
The Brand Impact

It’s been over two weeks since the terrible tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School occurred. Two weeks and still the effects of something like this linger. On the survivors and those left behind and on this country as a whole. While it’s true school...

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Mission Im-paws-sible? Think again

Close your eyes and imagine…  You’re sitting on your couch snuggling with your pet, when a pet food commercial starts playing on the TV.

Your pet jumps from your lap and approaches the TV. It sits a foot away from the screen, staring. Maybe even barking, maybe meowing.

Now imagine this…  You’re doing errands with your dog (not too many people go shopping with their cats, but if you do – we beg that you send us a picture) and you walk into a pet store. Your dog really wants to explore a specific display that catches its attention. Eventually you relent and your dog spends a few minutes sniffing around the display.

We all know that our choices are influenced by advertising.  Now Invoke has research that proves the same is also true for our pets.

Invoke launches Media & Entertainment research practice

KathyThe kick off of the Media Insights and Engagement conference today in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers the perfect backdrop to announce the formation of Invoke’s Media & Entertainment practice. I was especially engrossed in the morning keynote by author Ryan Holiday. His use of stoic philosophy as a construct for how to navigate the change that happens in any industry was refreshing. The idea is pretty simple – fate doesn’t have to derail you, instead it can clean the slate and invigorate change – but to accomplish requires a disciplined mindset willing to give up on preconceptions and prejudices that often cloud innovation.