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Instant insights deliver a spot-on ad

Ad Testing

The insights generated from the Invoke session helped Anheuser-Busch optimize an ad.  The results were a creative spot that eventually became the storyline for a well-received on-air advertisement.

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Aligning employee opinion with benefits

VLSS Sales Compensation Package Testing

Key stakeholders—senior executives, directors, and front line sales staff—wanted to assess the company’s sales compensation program in a series of four open sessions. Each session was a maximum of 20 minutes long and saw the participation of just over 500 employees. The feedback enabled Verizon to make smarter decisions about its programs and gain better insights into their employees’ opinions.


A distinct and memorable brand personality

Ad Testing

Orbitz came to Invoke to evaluate three potential creative campaigns. Two online Large Scale Focus Group™ sessions later, and Invoke was able to identify a clear frontrunner that later resulted in Orbitz earning a Gold Medal in the “Retail & E-Tail’ category at The Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:think 2013 conference.

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What makes for riveting television?

Audience & Brand Development

Pleasing an audience and building a loyal fan-base is no easy task.  That’s why Showtime worked with Invoke to test two popular television series to ensure the storylines captivated viewers’ attention and held it.  Swift, real-time sessions gave them the answers they needed keep their fans engaged.

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