“In order to improve the Institute’s course/ instructor evaluation survey, we needed faculty, student and administrative input and buy-in.  The Invoke Live sessions allowed us to engage and collect feedback from over 100 individuals in less than 3 hours.  The actionable results provide support and direction for improvements to the instrument and the process.”

– Paulette Di Angi, PhD, RN, CPHQ, Dir. of Institutional Effectiveness, MGH Institute for Health Professions


Support Promotion and Tenure Standards

Accredited institutions develop standards for good teaching and obtain student feedback through periodic course and instructor ratings surveys – both critical factors in promotion and tenure decisions.

Course Assessments Aren’t Enough

A student’s feedback is only as good as the questions they are asked: lesson clarity, course organization, and presentation style; or instructor rapport, motivational skill, and “caring.”

Whatever the focus, collected feedback data should help instructors and institutions know if standards of good teaching are being met.

Quickly Align Your Evaluation Instrument

Invoke Live assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your survey instruments and processes:

  • How do the specific questions align with promotion and tenure standards?
  • How do students, instructors, and administrators perceive the relative importance of key teaching behaviors?

Inside of an hour, Invoke Live will provide you with an engaging and interactive live, online research session with students, faculty, or administration.

Walk away from the session with detailed insights and actionable results.

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