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Create innovative package designs that slice through the clutter and stand-out in an increasingly crowded marketplace

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Create Better Packaging

Invoke has years of experience optimizing packaging in terms of form, function and brand-fit. We overcome the limitations of traditional research — enabling you to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate package shots, shelf sets and plan-o-grams during a single research event so you’ll definitively understand:

  • How does the package stand-out on a shelf?
  • Does it communicate messaging that fits with my brand?
  • How does it compare to other designs?
  • How can I optimize it?

Benefit From a Proven Model

While each project is customized, Invoke’s package design tests typically include three core components:

  1. Virtual shelf sets that measure ‘stand out’
  2. Sequential rotations that eliminate order bias
  3. Forced rankings that clearly identify winners

Package Test Features


As people respond to closed-ended questions you’ll instantly see how each package performs vis-a-vis your key evaluative measures.


Responses to open-ended questions can be filtered in real-time so you’ll definitively understand exactly what drives the preferences and metrics for each segment important to you.


Watching the qualitative insights and confidence-inspiring sample sizes unfold in real-time also enables you to respond with ad hoc questions and 1:1 chats that ensure you walk away with fresh and meaningful take-aways.


One hour after each live research event you’ll have access to automated and fully-configurable reports so you can quickly act upon the findings

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