Get qualitative insights from hundreds of consumers in a single live session.

Collaborative Observer Experience

Our researchers will join you to run a LIVE session from your office so you and your stakeholders can participate in the story as it unfolds.  You’ll filter the findings by sub-group, review key words trending in the open ends, and analyze top/bottom box scores.   You’ll also insert on-the-fly questions and engage in one-to-one chats with selected participants. And, by including your colleagues directly in the research event, you’ll quickly gain consensus so you can act upon the findings.

Unparalleled Participant Engagement

Powerful software, an intuitive user interface and expert researchers make participants feel like they’re having a one-to-one conversation, but in fact, they’re enrolled in a one-to-many dialogue. Participants can be exposed to any type of stimuli, including video clips, static images, story boards, etc. They also engage in individual chat sessions, ‘vote’ on responses made by other participants, and answer on-the-fly questions that are added during the event. These sessions are so much fun that 95% of people agree to be included in future projects.

Real-time reporting and analytics

In addition to the real-time analytics generated during each session, you’ll have access to automated PowerPoint and Excel reports within one hour after the close of each event. And, within one week of each session, you can also choose to receive a comprehensive Invoke Insights Report that includes recommendations, a summary of findings and supporting data. You’ll know exactly what the results mean – and what to do with them.

Don’t Settle.  See What Invoke Can Do For You.