Invoke Research Network

The Invoke Research Network is an assembly of creative research professionals that choose to work with Invoke.  Each member is trained and certified to use the Invoke Platform to host live research events

“I have the opportunity to work on really interesting projects with a variety of marquee brands.  Moderating an Invoke Live session is an exhilarating experience and provides a good avenue for me to hone my analytic thinking and client presentation skills.  The entire Invoke team is there to support me every step of the way and everyone works together to provide great work for our clients.” 

– Louise Revers, Research Consultant

To join the Invoke Research Network, individuals must:

  • Have worked in market research for at least 6 years

  • Operate as an independent contractor or own your own business

  • Be a “well-balanced” researcher – comfortable using technology and also engaging with client stakeholders.

  • Not be employed by a competitor or under a non-compete agreement with a competitor.

  • Provide references

  • Submit a writing and report sample

  • Operate under the highest ethical standards and understand the importance of representing Invoke accurately and effectively

Members can work with the program in two ways. First, they can work on-demand as an independent researcher to assist Invoke with client engagements. Second, members can act as both the sales person and the moderator for projects they initiate. In both instances, members of the research network and Invoke work closely together to ensure clients have an engaging and valuable experience.

Members can accept or decline to participate in projects as they arise. Upon acceptance, they are expected to complete the project as outlined in the SOW. Participation in the project may include screener and discussion guide development, discussion-guide programing, panel consultation, onsite or remote moderation, and report creation.

Invoke Research Professionals are also encouraged – but not required — to participate in product development and enhancement dialogues, assist with marketing and business development activities, contribute toward relevant industry blogs, and support the business through the delivery of best-in-class research.

Members of the Invoke Research Network are well compensated for their efforts – and specific amounts are determined by the scope of each engagement.  Additionally, members that sell projects that incorporate Invoke receive generous commission payments.

To learn more, contact Kathy Alexander, VP of Research & Insights.

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