Shopper Insights

Shopping behaviors have changed dramatically within the last few years. To optimize the 360° shopping experience, your research approach needs to change, too. Invoke can help.

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Know Your Shoppers

An Invoke LIVE research event brings your shoppers to life. In real-time you’ll watch them illuminate their needs and wants, their decision-making processes, and their gut reactions to companies and brands. And, because hundreds of shoppers can participate in each qualitative research event, you can be confident the recommendations are supported by statistically-sound data.

Revisit the Moment of Truth

Prior to an Invoke LIVE session, we ask shoppers to use their mobile devices in-store. And, during each Invoke LIVE session, we use virtual shelf sets to pinpoint the emotions that arise at the point-of-purchase. The powerful combination of these techniques can help you optimize and streamline the path-to-purchase.

Shopper Insights Features


Respondents are monadically exposed to shelf sets so you can measure ‘stand-out’, including aided and unaided recall.


We ask shoppers to use mobile technology to capture their shopping experiences. These photos and videos are subsequently uploaded to an Invoke LIVE research event so we can probe upon the shopper mindset at the moment of truth.


During each LIVE research event you can review the key words and phrases trending in the open-ended responses to understand “why” shoppers feel the way they do – and what can be done to improve the shopping experience.


Need to talk to moms that drive SUVs, use iPhones, regularly shop at Kroger and are willing to explore other diaper brands?  Great – we can include hundreds of them in an Invoke LIVE session.


One hour after each LIVE research event you’ll have access to automated and fully-configurable reports so you can quickly act upon the findings.

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