Shopper Insights

Leading manufacturers and retailers can no longer rely on shop-alongs and in-store intercepts to understand buying attitudes and behaviors because the path-to-purchase is increasingly starting long-before consumers set foot in stores.

Create an Enriching Shopping Experience

Invoke’s hybrid research platform is ideally suited to generate insights around the holistic shopping experience. Our researchers are adept at addressing a host of in-store and at-home retail topics, including:

  • How do consumers use the Internet and their mobile devices before and while visiting your store?

  • Do they enjoy shopping with you, or is it perceived as a chore?

  • Are people able to easily find what they’re looking for?

  • How are they using their mobile devices in-store?

  • How do they interact with your staff today? How do they want to interact in the future?

  • Do they recommend your store to friends and family? Why?

  • Are they aware of current promotions?

  • What could make the experience more enjoyable?

  • How does their shopping experience impact their perceptions of your brand?

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