TV Viewing Habits are Changing-See What People are Saying

TV Viewing Habits are Changing-See What People are Saying

TV Habits are Changing. Here's Why - And What You Can Do About It image

Invoke’s Media & Research team conducted a live research event webinar on March 2 to discover how TV viewing habits are changing among Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.  See what they uncovered!  Recording now available.

Content is king…and viewers’ choices are nearly infinite. In the era of streaming content and binge viewing, how is the modern TV viewer adapting to this changing environment? With more than 400 scripted TV shows launched last year alone, viewers are inundated with choices. What we watch, when we watch it and how we watch it has been completely redefined, yet most viewing choices are still driven by a desire to fill basic entertainment needs.

With an emphasis on understanding the why’s behind current behaviors, the Invoke research team has interviewed 150 TV viewers from three generational cohorts – Millennials, Gen X and Boomers to answer these questions:

  • What drives them to try a new show?
  • Who do they trust to curate their content?
  • How can their viewing experience be improved?

To receive the full report and learn all of the juicy details we uncovered during this live event, please contact us and we’ll happily share.

Also, please stay tuned for a blog post about the webinar by Kathy Alexander, our vp of research & insight.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions about this webinar or our methodology.

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