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Maximizing viewership potential requires more than just a show of hands. Focus groups and online polls lack the rigor needed to answer your important questions.

 Invoke’s patented testing platform allows you to uncover:

With a focus on understanding the “why” that drives content appeal, Invoke’s patented video content tests typically include:


If you need a national sample of prime-time viewers or a unique target that fits a specific profile, Invoke’s panel partners will find the right viewers.


Essential for pinpointing moments in the storyline that work — or don’t. Respondents use their mouse to provide in-the-moment feedback. End points can be customized to fit your individual needs — and evaluations can even include a “tune-out” button so you can pinpoint where audiences are likely to drop-off.


Provided through our dial partner, video content can be watermarked with an IP address or respondent IDs.


For short-form content where more than one version of the video may be under-consideration, Invoke’s platform allows for monadic and sequential monadic rotations to eliminate order bias.


After viewing the content, participants respond to your key quantitative diagnostics that are coupled with qualitative open ends – enabling you to fully understand the “why” behind their ratings, and allowing you to pinpoint key drivers for viewership and potential areas for improvement.

Don’t Settle.  See What Invoke Can Do For You.

Whether you are testing a 60-minute TV program or a 30-second ad, Invoke’s large-scale online research events help you overcome obstacles inherent with traditional video content testing methods:

Large Base Sizes.  Invoke’s ability to conduct large-scale research events with up to 350 participants gives you and your stakeholders confidence in the findings.

Nationally-Distributed Sample.  Randomly selected from panel partners or your own proprietary panel, Invoke LIVE events are national in scope compared to site-based location tests such as malls and focus group facilities.

Qualitative & Quantitative Insights Combined.  Say good-bye to the headaches that arise when linking findings across different methods and sample frames.  All your data is contiguous from one source using one uniform survey instrument.

Stakeholder Engagement.  As you and your colleagues watch each LIVE research event unfold, you can discuss and react to the findings in real-time.

On-the-Fly Probes. Viewers don’t always react as expected.  Invoke’s patented platform allows you to insert on-the-fly questions and conduct 1:1 chats in real-time so you can obtain the clarity you need.

Speed.  You’ll walk away from each LIVE research event with findings in-hand so you can quickly turn results into actions.

Monadic and Sequential Monadic DesignYou can include monadic and non-monadic approaches within a single live session to provide a fresh look at stimuli while giving respondents a chance to comment on all designs.

Research Expertise.  Invoke’s researchers have decades of experience helping clients generate deep insights and make smart business decisions – quickly and within budget.

Don’t Settle.  See What Invoke Can Do For You.