Invoke’s patented platform and real-time methodologies give you confidence to make critical business decisions.


Most studies are completed – and final reports are delivered — in just 2-3 weeks.



Real-time methodologies give you the ability to probe deeply – inserting on-the-fly questions and creating an informative dialogue.



Each session supports up to 350 participants – giving you the statistical confidence required to make sound business  decisions.

Engage your stakeholders: An Invoke reseacher typically joins your team onsite for each session.  As the event unfolds, your moderator acts as both an observer and a story teller — highlighting  the salient findings in real-time and inserting questions on-the-fly so you and your colleagues can walk away with answers to all your key questions.

Receive instant answers: The Observer Dashboard provides real-time analysis of closed-end and open-end questions using filtering, automated keyword coding, segment tracking and comparison views that show the performance of various concepts being tested in real-time.

Create a vibrant participant experience: Powerful software makes participants feel like they’re having a one-to-one conversation with a moderator, but in fact, it is a one-to-many conversation. People love it, and 95% of participants ask to be included in future studies.

Generate real-time reports: Immediately following each session you’ll have access to the findings and metrics in a PowerPoint™-ready  format, complete with editable charts and graphs as well as automated cross-tabbed tables in Excel™.  You can also choose to receive Executive Summaries and prescriptive Insights Reports within 5-7 days of each session.

Support all types of Stimuli: Participants can provide feedback on images, videos, story boards, interactive clips and websites. Platform includes a unique approach to concept rotation to eliminate order bias.


"I value Invoke Solutions and its team because they provide fast, reliable, affordable insights and help us be efficient with our research investments. They are a pleasure to work with, provide insightful guidance and consistently deliver great results."

− Jean Enloe, Market Research Manager, 3M

"The ability to get consumer feedback, react in real time and get further input from those same consumers during a single session is an awesome benefit of this innovative research platform. This capability enabled us to save time and money on refining our advertisements"

− Jennifer Salera, Senior Marketing Manager, Nestle Waters

"For us, it allows collaboration, dynamic participation of internal and external parties, examination of shopper segments, rich, quantifiable, high-quality data, easy to-use deliverables, timely results and development of a clear, actionable story"

− Donna Goldfarb, VP of Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

"At ConAgra, we have found Invoke to be an effective alternative to in-person focus groups. We get results in real-time with no waiting for reports. It allows more individuals on the team to be involved and interact without travel and therefore can be more cost effective as well."

− Dave Cox, Senior Director of Consumer Insights, ConAgra

"Customers are our business at Midas, and we are absolutely committed to meeting their needs. The Invoke platform is critical in helping us understand our customers, so we can offer them the best in customer service. We find Invoke to be extremely useful in helping us distinguish Midas from our competitors."

− Garry Rosenfeldt, Marketing Research Director, Midas, Inc.

"Working with Invoke and their unique approach allowed me to pull together a large group of key stakeholders to observe our customers from our different companies. In turn, the interactive research session we conducted provided clear direction and eliminated any debate over the decision and action we should take going forward."

− Rob Madonna, Customer Research and Insights, Plymouth Rock Companies

"Online hybrid (qualitative/quantitative) technology seems to be a 21st Century, difference-making research methodology. Invoke, more than simply combining qual and quant methodologies, can shore up the respective weaknesses of qual and quant by delivering projectable quantitative data and the qualitatively-derived ‘why’ behind it."

− Research Conference Report

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