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With years of testing under our belts, we can help you measure, optimize and deliver effective ads and communications.

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Dig Below the Surface

Invoke’s team of researchers has conducted hundreds of tests across many different ads and communications. We understand that optimizing communication effectiveness goes beyond simply measuring breakthrough and motivational impact.

Instead, we help you understand:

  • What makes the message appealing? Why? With whom?
  • Does it enhance the brand’s image? And if so, how?
  • Which creative treatment meets the message’s objectives?
  • How can the message be improved?

A Flexible Approach for Better Insights

Our team will work with you to recruit the appropriate audience, ask the right questions and develop a Discussion Guide that includes your key evaluative measures.

And for each session, we’ll allot time to insert on-the-fly questions so that you can address pertinent issues in real-time.

Ads & Communications Features


As participants respond in real-time, you’ll see how the creative executions perform vis-a-vis your key evaluative measures – enabling you to conduct real-time probes by inserting on-the-fly questions and conducting 1:1 chats.


We’ll eliminate order bias by using monadic or sequential monadic designs to test your creative executions.


We can pinpoint the moments in videos that work – and those that don’t. Participants use a mouse to provide in-the-moment feedback, including a “tune-out” button to identify where audiences are most likely to drop off.


We’ll examine verbatim responses to open-ended questions so we can understand exactly what drives the qualitative metrics.


To choose a winning creative execution, we can reintroduce each executions to participants before we wrap up each research event. These forced rankings give you the confidence and clarity to act quickly.

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