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We’ll take you beyond ratings and big behavioral data so you can build more intimate and enduring relationships with audiences.

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Understand What Drives Viewership

Viewership has become an amorphous combination of live and streamed occasions across networks, programs and platforms. Defining your brand and identifying your brand advocates requires a fresh understanding of the drivers behind viewing occasions. Invoke can help you understand “why” viewers make the choices they do.

Keep Your Brand Fresh

Invoke can help you develop intimate relationships with viewers by going beyond big data and probing “why”:

  • What needs are filled by watching specific shows?
  • What keeps viewers coming back?
  • How can your fan networks grow faster?
  • Who is your competition?

Audience Development Features


Say goodbye to the headaches that arise when linking findings across different methods and sample frames. All your data is contiguous from one source using one uniform survey instrument.


If you need a nationally-targeted sample of prime-time viewers or a unique target that fits a specific profile, Invoke’s panel partners will find the right viewers.


After viewing the content, participants respond to your key quantitative diagnostics that are coupled with qualitative open ends – enabling you to fully understand the “why” behind their ratings, and allowing you to pinpoint key drivers for viewership and potential areas for improvement.


Viewers don’t always react as expected. Invoke’s patented platform allows you to insert on-the-fly questions and conduct 1:1 chats in real-time so you can obtain the clarity you need.

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