6 Benefits of Conducting Invoke LIVE Sessions with Vis-a-Vis

We recently unveiled our Vis-a-Vis feature which enables clients to carry out face-to-face conversations with market research participants for the first time ever on Invoke’s platform. By adding the feature to Invoke LIVE, we offer a secure, turnkey, virtual alternative to in-person focus groups that build upon traditional market research methods with a data-driven approach. 

In this blog, we’ll explore six reasons to add the Vis-a-Vis feature to your next Invoke LIVE session. 

1. See your target consumers react in real-time. 

One of the most obvious — and most exciting — benefits of the Vis-a-Vis feature is seeing your participants’ faces. There’s something undoubtedly irreplaceable about face-to-face interaction in research. Though conducting virtual research undoubtedly has immense benefits over traditional market research sessions, this integral face-to-face element has long been absent from virtual research sessions. Adding a visual dimension to your research means that you’re not only able to read their reactions with their responses during the session but also watch them play out in real-time. 

2. Hand-select Vis-a-Vis participants from an already-targeted pool of participants. 

A unique feature of Vis-a-Vis is the ability to hand-select participants to take part in the Vis-a-Vis portion of the session. These selected participants will come from a pool of already highly-targeted, articulate respondents from your LIVE session. You can flag participants with thought-provoking answers during the initial session and learn more about their perspectives during the Vis-a-Vis portion. 

3. Increase stakeholder buy-in with more confident decisions. 

Vis-a-Vis allows you to add a biometric layer to your already rich, actionable Invoke insights. Good decision-making requires the data and insights to back them up. Providing additional, visual data to back up your decisions will help increase buy-in from stakeholders. We provide a video recording of the Vis-a-Vis session after the session wraps up. This means that stakeholders or others who are unable to attend the session can hear consumers explain in their own voices what they like or dislike about your offering and why. 

4. You’ll receive a transcript and a recording of your conversation at the end of the session. 

What happens in the Vis-a-Vis session doesn’t necessarily need to stay in the Vis-a-Vis session. We provide you with a highly accurate transcript and a recording of the conversation following the Vis-a-Vis session. That way, you can return to the conversation as needed or share with those who are not able to watch the session play out in real-time. You can refer back to these critical conversations whenever you need to. 

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5. Build upon learnings from the initial LIVE session. 

While we believe our Invoke LIVE sessions will be enlightening, there’s always more you can learn from your consumers. Vis-a-Vis gives you the opportunity to expand upon the insights you uncovered during the LIVE sessions with an opportunity for face-to-face questioning. You can ask the questions you wanted to ask during the session but didn’t have time for or probe deeper into some of the responses you received during the session. 

6. Get a data overview of your participants’ previous responses and demographics for further context. 

Another one-of-a-kind feature of Vis-a-Vis is that you can see participants’ responses and pertinent demographic information. You can do so by clicking on their thumbnail during the Vis-a-Vis portion of the session. This view provides additional context for their replies. It helps you generate a more holistic interpretation of individual consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

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