A Look at the 3 Types of Research Reports Invoke Provides After Testing

The value of research lies not in the raw data, but rather in how researchers organize, present, and interpret that data through research reports.  The term “reporting” is also subject to interpretation and personal preference.  Some clients like to receive the data in its raw, untabulated format. Some like it to be a little more formed and presented in cross tabs. Others prefer to have the data packaged into a presentation with analysis and recommendations.  That’s why we provide our clients with a number of options for reports to meet their unique needs.

In this blog, we’ll go over the kinds of reports Invoke delivers to clients and the value of each.

What types of research reports can Invoke deliver?

Invoke provides its clients with three levels of reporting—standard reports, key takeaways reports, and decision driver reports.  We design these different reports to satisfy the needs of our clients, both in terms of timing and detail.

So, what do each of these reports entail?

3 research reports Invoke provides

Standard Report

Immediately following an Invoke session, a series of data outputs are available to our clients and their stakeholders.  These standard reports provide a full transcript of the participant’s feedback. This way, researchers and project stakeholders can begin the process of teasing out actionable insights relative to the project’s objectives.  Invoke’s standard reports include three separate types of data:

  • Excel crosstabs break out the closed-ended data by key segments of the sample, all unedited participant verbatims, and all participant data collected during the screening process.
  • A PowerPoint presentation presents all session questions in graphical format, including word clouds and sentiment analysis for the open ends.
  • Raw data files for closed and open-ended data in both SPSS and CSV formats.

This format is most appropriate for clients who wish to get a full picture of the data and have the time and resources to distill insights from it.

Key Takeaways Report

While many of our clients are satisfied with receiving our standard research reports, weeding through the data to pull out key takeaways from the research takes time.  In cases where clients don’t have the time or resources to gather insights from the raw data, we offer a key takeaways report.

This report is high-level and can be delivered in either PowerPoint or Word. It provides a concise summary of the research’s key metrics and takeaways.  Invoke’s key takeways report is available within one week of the session and can provide a more packaged set of data for clients while saving them the time they’d otherwise spend distilling insights from the raw data.

Decision Driver Report

Invoke also provides another kind of report for clients who need to dig deeper into the data but don’t have the bandwidth to conduct the analysis themselves.  For these clients, we provide a decision driver report.  It’s a much more in-depth analysis of the data it takes more time to create, but our clients believe the two weeks it takes to create the report is worth the time and investment.

A decision driver report provides clients with a comprehensive analysis of the participant feedback that teases out the most subtle nuances. This helps them to understand how participants feel about the topic — and that can make all the difference in moving forward.

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