4 Benefits of an Asynchronous Research Session

One of the greatest challenges in research is gathering the right participants for a single session. Getting the ideal target sample of respondents in the same room at the same time — whether physically or virtually — is tough. When it comes to global recruits, it can feel nearly impossible. 

What if you could enjoy all of the benefits of a virtual research session with greater participant flexibility?

Asynchronous research eliminates many of the barriers associated with traditional in-person and virtual live sessions. With research sessions conducted asynchronously, researchers leave a session open for a number of days. This allows participants to complete the research on their own time anywhere in the world. 

This blog examines four of the major benefits of running asynchronous virtual research sessions. 

1. Participants can engage at a time that is convenient for them. 

One of the most important benefits of running a session asynchronously is that participants can join at a time that works best for them. This is especially valuable for challenging recruits or harder to reach audiences. Busy parents, teens, or people in demanding careers, for example, don’t have time to work within the narrow timeline of a typical live research session.

Instead, open sessions allow them to join in and complete the session at a time that works best for them. The experience is just as seamless for the participant as a live session with even greater flexibility. For clients, this means that we’re able to gather even more of those high-quality, targeted participants you’re looking for. It’s less challenging to gather one hundred doctors for a recruit, for example, if they can complete a session in between busy work shifts. 

2. Clients can enjoy all of the power of the Invoke platform. 

With asynchronous sessions, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing any of the power of the real-time qual/quant Invoke platform. The same features and tools that apply for live sessions are available for asynchronous ones, including real-time analytics. Consumer feedback will still appear on the dashboard for the client and researcher to view as it comes in. We often work with clients to determine check-in points to discuss the participant answers as they emerge.

Additionally, the same deep, qualitative insights provided at the end of live sessions are available to clients at the conclusion of every asynchronous session. As with live sessions, clients can offer their own member or subscriber lists and can offer any or no incentives to participants. 

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eBook: 7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research

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3. Asynchronous research is ideal for sessions with global markets. 

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of a virtual solution is that it enables clients to probe participants from around the globe. Instead of conducting research with each geographic region separately and piecing together insights after several research sessions, an asynchronous session can accommodate different time zones and schedules to streamline the experience into a single session. With an asynchronous session, participants complete the session on their own time, no matter where they are in the world.

What’s more, a neural AI translator built into the platform can translate to over 50 languages and variants. This makes our platform even more accessible to worldwide respondents. This way, you can probe your audiences in several countries in one session for global, qualitative insights in just days. 

4. Researchers can still probe respondents on the fly. 

One of our platform’s features that excites our clients most is the ability to probe audiences on the fly. This feature allows them to dig deeper into interesting or unexpected answers that come up during the session for greater insight. During asynchronous sessions, clients are still able to pinpoint interesting answers as the session progresses and probe deeper with the remaining pool of participants that have not yet completed the session. 

Powerful Asynchronous Research on a Platform Like No Other 

Invoke’s market-leading research platform enables clients to glean valuable insights from global and hard-to-reach markets in a matter of days. With our asynchronous research option, both participants and clients can experience unprecedented flexibility. Clients can still enjoy the benefits of the Invoke platform, at a pace that works for their consumers. 

Interested in learning more about asynchronous research on Invoke’s platform? Request a demo from our experienced team. 

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