Collaboration Increases Creative Success

Last week was an exciting week for Invoke and the media industry. At the Media Insights & Engagement Conference in New Orleans, the worst-kept secret of the insights world was finally outed—the damage done by the conflict strewn relationship between creatives and research. From the very first session, this troubled relationship’s challenges took center stage; Ronald D. Moore spoke about 3 of the root causes of many of the conflicts between these 2 groups:

  • The pride that creatives feel towards their creations and the fear of “ugly baby” comments that research can stir up
  • Feedback that arrive too late to have a meaningful impact on the content and just feel like criticism
  • And the interference of ‘numbers’ people into the creative process, stifling the power of the ‘wow-factor’ that can differentiate the content


While highlighting some of the amazing progress being made in research technology and methodologies, the rest of the conference underscored how challenging these barriers can be to making sure studies and networks can increase their audiences and notoriety in an increasingly fragmented industry.

Hearing directly from some of the biggest players in the industry how damaging the research/creative conflicts can be, underscored how game-changing Invoke can be for our media clients. We’ve seen time and again how receptive our client’s creative teams are to our work and how our methodology enables them to deliver better, more successful content. It’s not just that our methodology lets executives, creatives and research all be a part of the actual research discussion, but it ensures that the creatives and executives receive the critical feedback—directly from the audience—fast and in time to have a real impact on the creative process. And Invoke does all of this with a robust, geographically representative audience of viewers and non-viewers simultaneously!

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