Conducting Qualitative Research at Scale with Virtual Test Screenings

The year 2020 turned the media and entertainment industry on its head. Once relying solely on in-person test screenings for their content, Hollywood has pivoted over the years to virtual test screenings — and the pandemic has only accelerated this change. 

We recently published a whitepaper by entertainment industry journalist and expert Thomas K. Arnold titled, “5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research,” where we explore the value of virtual test screening research. In previous blogs, we uncovered the benefits of a virtual research solution related to space and speed

Virtual test screening research provides several benefits over traditional research, but perhaps no benefit is as evident as the benefits of scale. Conducting research virtually enables teams to test their content on more participants than ever before and on a global scale. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the scale-related pitfalls of traditional research and how a virtual solution solves them. 

Limited scaling abilities with traditional research 

The options to scale research efforts are limited when conducting research and recruiting participants in-person. When gathering participants for a test screening session in-person, researchers must find whoever is available to them at that moment. This could mean people passing by at the mall or exiting a theater.

What’s more, researchers must grapple with the fact that not everyone they intercept will be willing or able to participate in a test session. Participants also may have a limited time frame in which they can participate in research. This makes timing and scheduling another potential barrier to entry. Recruiting participants in-person for a test screening session also means that researchers are geographically limited. Research can be skewed due to a lack of representation in the test audience, geographically and otherwise. 

Considering these barriers, traditional, in-person research is not ideal for those searching for the clearest idea of what their target audience thinks about their content.

Scaling limitlessly with virtual research solutions

Virtual screening research solutions eliminate any former barriers with regards to scale. Using virtual solutions and gathering panels of participants through the internet, researchers can gather hundreds of participants at a time, not just those who happen to pass by at the mall or leave a theater at the right time. What’s more, a virtual solution allows for greater geographic representation by eliminating the location barriers associated with traditional research methods. With an online-based test screening solution, hundreds of people can participate in sessions in real-time, no matter where they are. 

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

Test-screening movies, TV series, and other filmed content has never been more efficient, more effective, and more secure.

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Qualitative research at scale with Invoke

Invoke’s virtual testing platform enables all of the benefits related to scale. With this adaptive, cloud-based solution clients scale their research efforts and dig further into the “why” with greater participation for more consumer insights. Invoke’s research technology platform includes instantaneous translation, making it possible to gather rich insights from participants around the globe in real-time. Because of the ability to scale with a virtual solution, test sessions on Invoke’s platform typically include 100-300 quality participants.

What else can virtual test screening research do? 

We examine the benefits of scale and four more benefits of virtual testing research in our whitepaper by entertainment industry veteran Thomas K. Arnold, “5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research”. Dive deeper with this whitepaper, available to download here.

5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research
Explore the benefits of test-screening your filmed content using a virtual research solution.
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