Consumers in Brazil Are Most Concerned About Covid-19 Yet More Likely to Visit a Movie Theater

With the rapid spread of Coronavirus, Invoke is conducting monthly studies around the world to see how consumer media habits have changed during the Pandemic. In September 2020, we completed a large scale, virtual session in Brazil. We found that Brazilians prefer streaming services, just like in the United States and France. We found that quality is important; Brazilian consumers are willing to pay more for premium service and content. We also found that people in Brazil are 10% more likely to go to a movie theater when compared to lnvoke’s studies on media habits in the US and France.

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How long did it take?
The research, conducted in Portuguese, was completed in hours. Verbatim responses were translated as they were received and included in the up-to-the-minute analysis throughout the session.

How did we do it?
lnvoke’s platform translates data (both closed-end and open-end verbatim data) in real-­time. The data was readily available to us as soon as we reached our goal and we did not have to wait for translations to start analyzing our data.

Download the report to read all the results from this study.

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