Faster Time-to-Insights with Virtual Test Screening Research

Time is of the essence when it comes to taking action on consumer insights. Production teams work on tight schedules with strict deadlines. If research teams want to see the valuable insights they gather make an impact, they need to work quickly. 

Luckily for today’s teams, virtual test screening research helps them get insights quicker. This allows them to bring these insights to their production teams faster for meaningful change. In our latest whitepaper, 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research by entertainment industry veteran and journalist Thomas K. Arnold, we explored the key differentiators of virtual research solutions and the implications for the entertainment industry. 

In our last blog exploring the topics from the whitepaper, we examined the space-related benefits of virtual screening research. In this blog, we focus on how virtual test screening research provides teams with insights with greater speed than previously possible. 

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Hitting deadlines with virtual test screening research 

It’s no secret that technology and virtual solutions have allowed us to become more productive and efficient than ever before. Research, too, has reaped the benefits of advanced technology and virtual solutions. With a virtual test screening solution, teams can gather consumer reactions to their content immediately. This enables teams to make in-the-moment decisions and provide feedback for production faster. 

Real-time visibility into consumer reactions with virtual test screening technology is a major win for clients. When participating in traditional, in-person research sessions, participants have to rely on memory to tell clients how they felt about a particular scene or moment. Dial testing through a virtual test screening research solution allows clients to monitor participants’ responses to their content as they watch. Using a dial, participants provide moment-to-moment reactions to scenes, giving clients a clearer understanding of what viewers like and dislike. 

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

Test-screening movies, TV series, and other filmed content has never been more efficient, more effective, and more secure.

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Driving consumer insights-based change with Invoke

Invoke’s real-time, big qual platform is the virtual testing research solution teams need to get the answers they’re looking for quickly. With Invoke’s platform, clients gauge consumer reactions in real-time and probe deeper into participants’ reactions to their content. Clients can ask their audience on-the-fly questions during the session based on how participants react, enabling them to dig deeper into the “why” behind these reactions. 

Additionally, the Invoke platform dashboard also allows researchers to pull keywords from participant responses. This helps clients to understand exactly how consumers are reacting and which parts of the content they’re reacting most strongly to. With 30 to 60 minutes worth of questions and 30 to 90 on average, clients can gather greater insight into their target audience’s thoughts about their content efficiently.

Invoke’s head of marketing Tole Khesin says about the feature: “Comments are seen as they are typed and are also analyzed in real-time, with trending keywords appearing on the dashboard. We’re all there, watching the dashboard, just like election results.” 

By receiving immediate feedback in the form of detailed, qualitative audience insights, clients gain the insight they need to provide valuable feedback to production teams and impact change fast. 

Explore all of the benefits of virtual test screening research

Quicker time to insight empowering clients to act fast and make necessary changes is only one of the values of virtual screening research. We explore four more in our whitepaper, 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research.

Want to take a deeper dive into the value of virtual screening research? Download the white paper to gain greater insight into how virtual screening research can help you. 

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