4 Challenges with Global Market Research (And How Virtual Research Solves Them)

Increased internet connectivity, technological advancements in logistics and operations, global supply chains, and the rising number of international brands all lend to our modern, globalized reality. Today, every brand has the power to break free from the constraints of physical borders and reap the benefits of a worldwide market. 

To properly market and sell to a global audience, you must first understand your global audience. Global market research has become increasingly necessary as brands seek to gain global appeal. 

Luckily for today’s ambitious brands, virtual solutions make global market research simpler, faster, and more effective. By conducting market research online, businesses can reach audiences around the world in a single session, without leaving the comfort of their own space. 

However, global in-person market research is fraught with obstacles. This blog will explore four common challenges with global market research and how virtual market research solutions solve them. 

1. Challenging global market research recruits. 

It can be tough to recruit solid participants no matter where in the world you are. Recruiting market research participants in foreign countries around the world poses unique challenges. Whether you’re conducting research in-person or online, you must be aware of cultural differences and the barriers to entry participants may face. 

While internet accessibility increases each year, the digital divide still bars some participants from taking part in market research. That being said, recruits for global sessions are made easier by technology. Instead of traveling to find participants, technology makes it possible to reach them conveniently and quickly. With greater accessibility to the internet, more and more people can participate in research and contribute their valuable opinions.   

2. Language differences. 

Conducting market research with participants who speak a different language than the moderator can pose significant challenges. In-person market research with participants who speak different languages requires a skilled interpreter to be a middle man between the moderator and the participants. 

Today, virtual research helps researchers surpass language-related barriers. The Invoke platform, in particular, has an AI neural machine translator built into the system. Our embedded translator acts as that skilled middleman. It translates replies and questions in a way that naturally mimics a human speaker more than traditional, rules-based translators. This ensures that no content or context is lost between languages. 

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3. Travel and location costs. 

The cost of doing global research is undoubtedly one of its largest obstacles. Market research teams have to factor in the cost of traveling to another country, hiring translators, booking physical spaces in which to conduct research, and more into their decision to conduct the research in the first place. This can make conducting this critical form of research tough to justify. 

Thankfully, virtual market research makes it possible to conduct sessions wherever you and your participants are located. By conducting research online, you unlock access to a global supply of participants from the comfort of your own space — and theirs. This lowers the barrier of entry to participation on the respondents’ end and conducting sessions on the research team’s. 

4. Time differences and constraints. 

While the cost of conducting global research is generally not on your side in traditional formats, neither is time. Especially when you’re trying to gather data from participants in different time zones, it may require several sessions to gather the necessary data. 

Virtual research makes it possible to conduct research with participants in different time zones in a single session with open or asynchronous market research sessions. When conducting asynchronous research, the moderator keeps the session open for a set period of time, giving participants a generous window of time in which to complete their responses. This way, participants can join in whenever works best for them. 

Conduct Thought-Provoking Global Market Research Sessions with Invoke 

Invoke is on the front lines of global research. Here, we’ve consistently innovated our state-of-the-art market research tools and solutions to best fit the needs of globalized markets. With online recruits to accommodate a global pool of participants, an advanced translator built into the system, a cutting-edge platform that exists entirely online, and the option to conduct sessions asynchronously, Invoke is the obvious choice for global market research. These advancements make it easier for market researchers to conduct global sessions while lowering the barrier to entry for global participants. 

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