Invoke® LIVE: The Next Generation Uses Video to Let Researchers See Authentic, Global Consumer Sentiment

WALTHAM, Mass.May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Invoke® Solutions, the Big Qual Decisions™ company, has released the next generation of Invoke LIVE, integrating instantaneous online video to bring global entertainment and media companies and brands even closer to understanding the behavioral drivers of the world’s consumers.

Moderated by Invoke’s market research experts and powered by Invoke’s patented, cloud-based, large-scale audience research dashboard, LIVE events bring together key stakeholders at client companies and hundreds of participating consumers in an organic, real-time conversation.

By the end of each 60- or 90-minute consumer-led journey, these stakeholders—writers, producers, marketers, and C-suite executives—gain an intimate understanding of the “why” behind the “what” of viewers’ or consumers’ perceptions. Armed with that intelligence, they can make swifter and better-informed decisions by the end of each LIVE session.

Invoke LIVE with video “lets you see the book beneath the cover”

The latest generation of Invoke LIVE adds greater nuance and even clearer indicators of audience response by integrating live video of subsets of audience members who engage in these large-scale, online sessions.

This video connection brings stakeholders face to face with dozens of target consumers who “opt-in” to on-camera participation prior to each LIVE event. The live video lets researchers witness facial expressions and physical reactions and hear tone-of-voice—as if everyone were physically in the same room—as concepts are tested.

“Video offers new intimacy, subtlety and understanding to large-scale online qualitative market research by letting you see the book beneath the cover,” said Gigi Wang, CEO of Invoke Solutions. “Also, Invoke LIVE’s enhanced real-time sentiment analysis capabilities support dozens of world languages, giving multinational companies a global view of consumer sentiment.”

About Invoke LIVE and Invoke

Global leaders in media and entertainment, CPG, HR, and technology rely on Invoke to bring speed, scale, savings and clarity to sentiment analysis.

Invoke’s researchers team with clients to design each LIVE event, and travel to client sites to moderate each session. Invoke LIVE’s patented dashboard technology tabulates and analyzes verbatim responses of hundreds of participating consumers in real time.

Meanwhile, integrated video, live verbatim sentiment analysis, and Invoke’s unique participant voting feature add even greater clarity to the real-time insights. It also allows private, 1:1 chats and “on-the-fly” questions to home in on key drivers with maximum agility.

Invoke LIVE includes three solutions:

  • Invoke Studio, with its digital dial, enables film, television and video-content producers to track and measure viewer engagement, moment by moment.
  • Invoke UX empowers digital-forward companies to design apps, user interfaces and web pages that deliver superior customer experiences.
  • Invoke Concept Optimizer lets advertisers test and refine brand messages, ads and campaigns, packaging and other concepts by mining in real time the reactions of hundreds of target consumers.

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