MESA Publishes Article About Invoke, SAP, Qualtrics, and Optimizing Content

The Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) published an article titled, Hold the Popcorn: The Content Secret Sauce Won’t Be Secret for Long. The article explores how modern-day media and entertainment companies are leveling up their content game with pre-consumption insights from Invoke and post-consumption measurements from Qualtrics and SAP.

The article discusses how disruptors like Invoke have helped companies innovate and continue operations in the wake of the pandemic. Virtual content testing is not just an answer to challenges posed by the pandemic — it has real staying power. Media and entertainment leaders are learning that those who continue using antiquated technology and old-school methods to test their content will be left behind.

Our CEO Gigi Wang says about this shift, “Traditional, in-person methodologies are simply unable to capture the insight into consumer likes and dislikes and the motivations behind these likes and dislikes at the scale that we’re able to gather on our platform. Our clients leave our sessions with a real sense of what they have to do to optimize their content.”

What Invoke has done to revolutionize pre-release content testing, SAP and Qualtrics have done for post-consumption and customer experience (CX) measurement. Qualtrics, an SAP company, measures post-consumption with large audience samples to help drive marketing and distribution channel decisions as entertainment players increasingly shift to direct-to-consumer (D2C) models.

Both pre-and post-consumption insights should feed back into content processes to optimize how content is created, produced, marketed, and distributed. A powerful combination of Invoke’s and SAP’s solutions gives media and entertainment industry players an end-to-end view of how content is resonating with audiences during production, distribution, and consumption. The winners in this ever-changing world will be those who embrace these forward-thinking digital technologies.

Learn more about how market-leading solutions from Invoke, SAP, and Qualtrics are helping media and entertainment players worldwide better measure, understand, and tailor their content for consumers. Read the article from MESA here.

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