Mission Im-paws-sible? Think again

Close your eyes and imagine…  You’re sitting on your couch snuggling with your pet, when a pet food commercial starts playing on the TV.

Your pet jumps from your lap and approaches the TV. It sits a foot away from the screen, staring. Maybe even barking, maybe meowing.

Now imagine this…  You’re doing errands with your dog (not too many people go shopping with their cats, but if you do – we beg that you send us a picture) and you walk into a pet store. Your dog really wants to explore a specific display that catches its attention. Eventually you relent and your dog spends a few minutes sniffing around the display.

We all know that our choices are influenced by advertising.  Now Invoke has research that proves the same is also true for our pets.

We recently ran a unique and exclusive pet-only online research session that leverages our patented platform for conducting hybrid qual/quant research. Our PAWticipants helped us learn what pets think about current ads and package designs and what they’d like to see (hint: it’s not a movie star acting as a pet psychologist).

Utilizing eye-tracking technology along with our qualitative research platform, we analyzed the opinions of 100 geo-dispersed PAWticipants across the nation.

Among the findings, we discovered that 56% of our feline PAWticipants prefer to watch commercials that include prey (or an object that behaves like prey), where only 27% of K-9s feel the same.

We also found a distinct difference between dog breeds and how they respond to TV commercials.  Hunting breeds, such as hounds and pointers that are driven mostly by smell, do not express a lot of interest in video-based ads.  However, herding breeds, including shepherds and collies, find video ads to be very engaging.  In fact, 83% of herding breed PAWticipants barked and expressed a lot of excitement vs. only 46% of all other dog breeds.

Findings also show that dogs distinctly prefer to watch other dogs on-screen (90% top two box) whereas other PAWticipants are content to watch anything that moves in an interesting way.  There’s one caveat to this last finding.  Namely, 74% of cats find commercials portraying cats narrated by humans HIGHLY offensive.

Defense Secretary Waggles, one of our cat PAWticipants responded to one of the ads shown:

“Furr-real?? What’s wrong with some good ol’ yowls, trills and meows? Hoomans are so silly”.

One of our dog PAWticipants, Bark Wahlberg, commented on one of the ads:

“I don’t love it.  But it’s not terrible.  Don’t ‘terrier self up’, you’re barking up the wrong tree, that’s all.”

As you probably realized by now, today is April 1st.  Happy April Fool’s Day!

As much as we’d like to say we had the privilege of having a pet-only online event, we didn’t (yet!). However, we did run some very interesting live research events lately, utilizing our patented platform that combines qualitative discovery with sample sizes typically found in quantitative studies.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more.  Or contact us if you have questions or if you simply want to say hi.

Until next time,

The Invoke Team

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