New eBook: Get the Most Out of Your Online Qual/Quant Research

Today, the possibilities for market research are nearly limitless. This is thanks, in part, to the technological innovations enabled by the internet. By conducting research online, teams can now gather insights quicker with hyper-targeted sample audiences at an unprecedented scale.

Here at Invoke, we help clients drive at the “why” behind consumer behavior, thought processes, reasoning, emotions, motivations, and opinions. This is all with the help of online qual/quant research. Our clients in entertainment, advertising, and consumer packaged goods depend on us to help them reach actionable insights to make quick changes in their content, ads, and packaging. 

eBook: 7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research

eBook: 7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research

Virtual qual/quant research solutions have helped researchers reach actionable insights faster, more efficiently, and more effectively than ever before. Read our eBook to start getting the most out of your hybrid qual/quant research today.

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We’ve been at the cutting edge of this revolutionary form of research for years, but many in the research industry are just beginning to realize its benefits. Traditional forms of in-person research have long dominated the field. However, researchers today are learning that virtual research is often more effective and more efficient. 

With the help of Invoke’s online qual/quant research solution, our clients were able to: 

  • Choose the best storyline for their movie, achieving a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes 
  • Revise the title for a TV show to better fit the content based on conversations with participants 
  • Further understand consumer reactions to an advertisement with on-the-fly questioning capabilities 
  • Adjust the filming of a scene based on audience feedback 
  • … and so much more. 

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So, you’re intrigued but how do you get started? To help our fellow researchers and marketers understand how to get the most out of their online research efforts, we created an eBook: 7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research. In this eBook, we break down the seven essential steps required to reach actionable insights with online qual/quant research from goal-setting to final reports. 

Whether you’re just learning about online qual/quant research or consider yourself an aficionado, there’s something for you to learn in this eBook. Start excelling with your research efforts online today by clicking the button below to download the eBook. 

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