{New Feature} Vis-a-Vis Elevates the Invoke LIVE Solution By Enabling Face-to-Face Discussions

We’re excited to introduce our new Vis-a-Vis feature to the Invoke LIVE market research solution, elevating our current offering to enable face-to-face discussions with target consumers for deeper qual/quant insights. 

Since our origins, we’ve persistently advanced our offerings with the latest technology to provide the best-in-market virtual solution for qual/quant consumer research. Our solutions have long helped clients optimize their marketing messages, entertainment content, consumer products, gaming, and more. 

Vis-a-Vis builds upon our innovative heritage by providing a one-stop, turnkey solution for uncovering all of the qual/quant insights needed to confidently make same-day, consumer-guided decisions. 

Here’s how it works: 

After a live, large-scale qual/quant research session on the Invoke platform, clients have the opportunity to hand-select 16 respondents from the session for a face-to-face discussion with the moderator. These participants stay a little longer after the initial open and closed-ended questions are complete. This additional time can be used to ask more questions or to ask participants to elaborate on answers from the LIVE session. 

Benefits of conducting a LIVE session + Vis-a-Vis: 

  • The ability to hand-select participants from an existing sample of highly targeted, articulate respondents for a face-to-face discussion. 
  • Continuing interesting discussions with participants with face-to-face interaction. This back-and-forth interaction allows the research to be more conversational. This style of conversation can shed light on interesting insights and allow moderators and observers to dig a little deeper. 
  • Gauge real-time reactions by viewing participants’ faces as they answer questions. 
  • View participants’ replies to questions during the session and demographic information by clicking on their thumbnail during the Vis-a-Vis portion. This can provide context and allow you to ask participants to expand upon previous answers. This feature is completely unique to Invoke and offers a more holistic qual/quant perspective.

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