Reclaiming Customer Engagement In An Age Of Declining Online Confidence

trust 300x150  You may have heard that Facebook is planning to launch a news section within their app and become a source for trustworthy news.  We will have to wait and see if by formalizing a news feed from established news sources they can reverse some of the trust attrition that’s occurred over the past few years within American culture. It’s an unprecedented time in the media landscape with strained political/media relationships and numerous data and privacy scandals. Currently, more than two-thirds of American adults get at least some of their news from social media, primarily Facebook (Pew Research), and a majority of those who do admit they feel that the news is largely inaccurate.

So why continue to get news through any channel that you don’t trust and feel is mostly inaccurate? The answer to that, as noted in the Pew Research data, is largely ‘ease and convenience’. Since most Americans are connected to their smartphones, tablets and computers for many hours of the day, it’s simply easier to absorb news content while already using your device, than to seek out alternative, hardcopy or other non-digital sources of it.
That is understandable. Unfortunately, diminished trust in the news media, repeated headlines of large scale privacy breaches and misuse of data by government and tech giants, is starting to take its toll on consumers. A downward turn in consumer sentiment has indicated a shift in perceptions of whether privacy is even possible online, with those feeling that it is possible continuing to decline.
This growing pessimistic sentiment is starting to impact consumer behavior as  online users in the US are choosing to change the way they behave online, sharing less information as a result.  A domino effect is sure to ensue with consumers sharing less information, which in turn would reduce engagement. Social organizations and brands rely on engagement, so continued skeptical consumer behavior will certainly have an eventual adverse effect on advertisers, marketers and brands.
Invoke is helping companies minimize the effect that dwindling customer engagement has on their organizations through live sessions that enable them to ask consumers/viewers questions in real-time, discovering their preferences with simultaneous sentiment analysis. Results from Invoke LIVE sessions immediately empowers business executives, station managers and media owners to optimize their ads, brand messages, political messages, TV episodes, names, and more.

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