Testing Movies & TV Show Content Securely with Virtual Test Screenings

Piracy and content security have been concerns for the entertainment industry since its inception. That said, the digitization of content presents unique challenges for studios and production companies seeking to protect their IP. Cyber threats are increasingly common, and leaked information and pirated content remain top security-related threats to the industry. In an industry where filmed content is often the most valuable asset, protecting content is critical. 

Our recent white paper, 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research, explores the value of using a virtual platform to test-screen filmed TV series and movie content. One of these values is increased security when testing content. In this blog, we’ll explore the security features of Invoke’s platform helping to protect precious data and media from bad actors. 

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Proactively mitigating risk 

Testing content on remote-based participants presents unique challenges. That’s why we’ve built layers of security and safeguards into our platform. These features include: 

  • Cell phone detection, which prohibits participants from recording or photographing content. 
  • Watermarking for each individual participant to provide forensics and protect against leaks. 
  • Content download prevention, further protecting against piracy. 
  • Content encryption at rest and in transit, adding another layer of protection. 

These features help ensure that our clients’ content is secure, even when researchers are not sharing the same room with participants. 

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

White Paper: 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

Test-screening movies, TV series, and other content has never been more efficient, more effective, and more secure.

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Certified highest standards of content security

Because of the preventative measures Invoke has taken on our platform to protect clients’ content, we’re TPN (Trusted Partner Network) certified and pass our clients’ rigorous security assessments. Being TPN certified means that we meet the highest standards for content security. It also means we adhere to MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) guidelines which include software testing, background checks, confidentiality agreements, watermarking, data encryption, secure authentication, and more. The TPN requires certified organizations to meet a strict set of requirements and follow best practices to prevent leaks, breaches, and hacking. 

Start testing your content securely today

We know that keeping your content secure is a high priority for you, so it’s important to us, too. Visit our security page to learn more about how we prioritize security for our clients. If you’re interested in exploring more of the benefits of test-screening content on a virtual platform, download our white paper 5 Benefits of Virtual Screening Research

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