The Best Addition to Your Market Research Toolbox in 2021

As a market researcher, it’s your goal to provide the best possible service to your clients. You want to be there to help them reach actionable insights and make informed decisions. To do so, you need to be equipped with the best possible market research tools. 

That being said, there are so many options available on the market today. Online market research has grown significantly over the past decade and with it, new tools have emerged. 

Read on for five reasons why Invoke is the most powerful addition to your market research toolbox in 2021. 

1. It’s cost-effective. 

We offer our proprietary platform and unique methodology at a low price to our market research and agency partners. Especially if you’re running projects on the platform independently, you’ll save big. Pricing depends on how involved our team is. Request a quote to see how much a project on our platform may cost you. 

2. We customize to your unique needs. 

Our service and platform are completely adaptable to your needs. You can determine how little or how much you want our experienced market research team to be involved. We can provide a full-service offering or a DIY type of service — and anything in between. Most of our market research agency partners run sessions with their own moderators and only rely on our team for technical support as needed. 

eBook: 7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research

eBook: 7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research

Virtual qual/quant research solutions have helped researchers reach actionable insights faster, more efficiently, and more effectively than ever before. Read our eBook to start getting the most out of your hybrid qual/quant research today.

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3. You can add your brand’s individual flair. 

Add your own branding and logos to our state-of-the-art platform for a unique touch. Maintain a coherent, branded look and feel while impressing your clients with our unique methodology and platform. 

4. Invoke’s platform has applications for clients of all industries. 

Whether your clients are in CPG, retail, healthcare, or anything in between and beyond, our platform works for whatever market research project they’re trying to conduct. We’ve worked with clients across a spectrum of industries and our market research partners do, too. 

5. Our platform is one-of-a-kind. 

Most importantly, the Invoke platform is a completely unique offering on the market. Here are a few things that differentiate our offering from other market research platforms: 

Live and asynchronous sessions

Our platform accommodates not only live sessions but also open (or asynchronous) sessions that allow participants to answer questions on their own time, within a window of time. This is optimal for harder-to-reach recruits like doctors or lawyers or global sessions. 

Reach hyper-targeted customers at scale

Especially with clients with tougher-to-reach recruit samples, a major benefit of our solution is our ability to reach hyper-targeted samples at an unprecedented scale. You can reach whatever participants you’re looking for with Invoke, or provide your own or your clients’ targets — whichever you prefer. 

Immediate, insightful reports following a session

Impress your clients even more with instant insight reports following the session. You can download Excel reports with all of the data in tabulated format and PowerPoint reports with more visual representations of the data directly from the platform following a session. 

A unique hybrid blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis

Our platform combines two traditionally disparate forms of research into a single, unique hybrid. We ask both closed and open-ended questions to dig further into the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ 

Probe respondents on the fly as interesting answers arise

We know that some of the most interesting questions arise as a research session plays out. That’s why we offer on-the-fly questioning capabilities that allow moderators to insert new questions during the session. 

One-on-one discussions with participants

If any participant’s answers stick out during the research session and you want to dig deeper, our platform enables moderators to conduct one-on-one conversations with participants. 

Global reach and instant translations

Our AI-powered neural translations make it possible to converse with global participants seamlessly in a single session. 

Add Invoke to Your Market Research Toolbox Today 

Are you ready to equip yourself with the best hybrid qual/quant market research tool on the market today? Request a demo from our experienced team to get started.

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