Is Disney+ Reclaiming the Shared Television Experience?

Well, there’s no question we’re deep into the holiday season now.  With Thanksgiving behind us, no one can say it’s too early to celebrate anymore. And no matter what you celebrate, sharing an experience with friends and family most likely plays into a celebration.  While a...

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Meet The Team – Bar

Meet Bar Fluet, one of our Research Managers.  Clients who work with Bar value her research expertise and appreciate her dedication in going above and beyond. In her six years with the company, Bar has mastered the magic of an Invoke Live session. She is...

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Are you ready for some research?

Hey there, reader. Did you know the Super Bowl is coming up this week? Of course you know. Over 100 million viewers tuned in last year to catch the big game and while that is a decline in viewership compared to years prior, it’s still a lot...

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