"Our clients love the breadth of information Invoke’s platform collects, and we enjoy being able to provide a solution that delivers both qual and quant data in a single project. Budgets and timelines can be tight! We use Invoke because it’s a platform we can count on to test concepts." - Ambika Jack, AFJ Research Consulting

A Powerful Addition to Your Market Research Toolbox

What if you could probe hundreds of your clients’ target customers, nationally or globally, for fast, accurate qualitative and quantitative insights?
By partnering with Invoke and licensing our secure, patented platform, market research firms unlock deeper, real-time insights for their clients by conducting live, simultaneous virtual discussions with their clients’ target customers at scale.

A Strong Addition to Your Market Research Toolset
Invoke adds a powerful qual/quant methodology to your existing research portfolio of services.
Flexible Support
Conduct sessions completely independently or rely on our skilled team for technical support.
Customizable Branding
We can add your logo and brand colors to our platform for a personalized research experience.
A Comfortable Price
Enjoy our market-leading, patented platform and research methodology at a low price.