Who is Invoke?

Invoke isn’t simply a consumer research company. We’re the leader in technology-driven consumer research innovation.

We help studios elevate entertainment, brands create effective advertisements, and companies make optimal products. 

Our highly effective proprietary approach is powered by a persistent stream of cutting-edge technology innovations developed over the last decade.

We unlock the insights filmmakers, showrunners, game developers, consumer insights teams, agencies, and marketers need to make ideas, content, entertainment, and marketing materials of all kinds even more engaging to a wide range of audiences. 

Here’s how we do it:

The Invoke Innovation

Unlike traditional consumer research companies, we’ve patented cutting-edge consumer research technologies that allow us to take a consumer-first approach to unlocking key insights. This approach better serves the needs of modern-day entertainment creators, marketers, and consumer researchers by delivering immediate results and actionable insights. Our unique methodology blends qualitative and quantitative research into a single, powerful solution for greater insight.

The Invoke Intercept

We take a consumer-first approach when we look for actionable insights. We meet consumers where they are and where they consume media – at home – when we ask them to screen a movie or episode, examine elements of pre-production content, view ads, and check out new products to give companies an intimate look into the consumers’ thought processes, behaviors, motivations, and feelings.

The Invoke Selective Sample

You know your target audience. We pull from the best possible participants in your key consumer segments for the highest quality responses. We work with all of the large panel companies to ensure that your sample of participants is top-notch. Our screener helps us to select only the participants with the most articulate, descriptive responses for high-quality qualitative insight. By conducting research virtually, we’re able to scale recruits, as well, choosing hundreds of target participants based in the US and around the globe.

The Invoke Anti-Leak Lock

The safety and security of our clients’ media is just as important to us as it is to our clients. We utilize anti-recording detection technology to prevent any content downloading, copying, or extraction. Our software can detect mobile recording devices and immediately locks down the screen to prohibit recording. We also individually watermark video and static assets with a unique ID for each participant which gives us the ability to track all assets if a breach is suspected. Our security technology is certified by the Trusted Partner Network, a joint venture between the MPA and CD&SA, as well as a number of major Hollywood studios and streaming platforms.

The Invoke Single Session

We combine hundreds of respondents across a wide range of demographic and psychographic segmentation in multiple geographical regions into one single 60 to 90-minute screening and insights session. Our technology enables clients to save money and time on their research projects by combining traditionally disparate forms of research and projects with different customer segments into one.

The Invoke Trifecta

We identify the elements of the story, idea, product, or advertisement that respondents like, don’t like – and why – in one single study using a powerful combination of dial scores, quantitative surveys, and open-ended discussions. This allows insights, production, and marketing teams to dive deeper by asking respondents incremental probing questions during the live virtual session. Clients walk away with a clear understanding of what they need to do next to sharpen storytelling, products, ideas, ads, or creative.

The Invoke Instant Read

Our revolutionary technology-enabled market research solution provides clients with a real-time read on hundreds of participant responses grouped by segments, keywords, answers, or sentiments using our patented AI-powered dashboard. Open-ended responses are analyzed, interpreted, and organized instantly on the dashboard so clients understand why audiences gave the dial scores and survey metrics earlier in the session. This proprietary combination of real-time insights is a powerful diagnostic tool for unlocking the full potential of products, content, advertisements, and entertainment stories.

The Invoke Instant Translation

To provide a seamless view of participants’ reactions from around the globe, we offer instantaneous translations in more than 50 languages. This not only makes the research more seamless for clients, but for participants, too. Participants from around the globe are able to tune into sessions with translations to and from their native language. What’s more, our neural machine translations offer more natural translations more closely aligned with human speakers than older, rules-based translations.

The Invoke Custom-Built Experience

Each of our clients has their own requirements for their session. When you do research with Invoke, you have the ability to tailor your research to your unique needs. This includes flexible pricing based on specific needs, the ability to provide your own target sample or depend on our team for a high-quality sample recruit, a DIY project that you can operate with your own team and moderators, full service, or anything in between, and the ability to conduct sessions live or asynchronously. Our platform is well-equipped to handle large-scale virtual research projects for teams in entertainment, CPG, advertising, and more.