Concept Evaluations

Test your concepts quantitatively and qualitatively on a single platform to understand what resonates, with whom, and “why” – in real-time.

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When RUB Isn’t Enough

Concept tests typically include a core set of evaluative measures – RUB (Relevance, Uniqueness, Believability), Purchase Interest and Brand Fit, among others. Seeing how your concepts perform against these metrics is only half the story. You need to understand “why”, too. That’s where Invoke LIVE helps. As you watch the research unfold, you’ll be able submit follow-up probes on the responses so you can walk away with the deepest understanding possible.

Include Your Stakeholders

It is critical for your stakeholders to have confidence in the outcomes and recommendations. Invoke allows your colleagues to sit alongside you as the research unfolds in real-time. Together you’ll discuss the implications as you filter the responses, review open-ends, insert follow-up questions and conduct 1:1 chats.   At the conclusion of each live research event, everyone will be on the same page regarding what just happened – and what needs to happen next.

Concept Evaluation Features


As participants respond in real-time, you’ll see how each concept performs vis-a-vis your key evaluative measures – enabling you to conduct real-time probes by inserting on-the-fly questions and conducting 1:1 chats.


Order bias can skew the findings considerably. We’ll eliminate it by using monadic or sequential monadic design to ensure each of your ideas is evaluated by a “fresh set of eyes”.


You’ll benefit from more than a combination of confidence-inspiring sample sizes and qualitative perspectives. In real-time you’ll see responses that compel you to insert on-the-fly questions you’ve never asked before – and that deliver fresh and meaningful take-aways.


In addition to learning how elements within each execution perform, you can quickly and confidently determine the overall winner. Before each live research session concludes, we’ll reintroduce all the concepts to all the participants so we can generate forced rankings that provide the clarity and confidence needed to act quickly.

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