HR/Employee Alignment

Clients rely on Invoke to understand and shape high-performance cultures that directly map to business results.

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Create Passionate Employees

It’s proven that passionate employees produce better service, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Invoke LIVE helps you go beyond standard diagnostics so you can qualitatively understand what makes great employees tick – and how you can win more of them.

Everyone likes to be heard. Give your employees an opportunity to start a candid and open dialogue with you.

Get Into Alignment

Benefits are only benefits when employees view them favorably. As healthcare and retirement costs climb, the need for employer to “get it right” is more important than ever. Invoke enables you to closely examine the perceptions your employees have towards their current and proposed benefits so you serve them wisely.

HR/Employee Alignment Features


Watch how employees react to individual elements of a proposed benefits package so you’ll know where to make changes – or if you simply need to improve the quality of your internal communications.


In real-time you can review the key words and phrases trending in the open-ended responses to understand “why” employees feel the way they do. Ask follow-up questions to ensure no stone is left unturned.


Life is about choices. Let your employees rank the benefits so you’ll understand what they perceive as most important. And if some responses don’t make sense, you can insert follow-up questions to probe “why” in real-time.


One hour after each LIVE research event you’ll have access to automated and fully-configurable reports so you can quickly act upon the findings.

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