Online research has paved the way for major innovations and better insights. In place of traditional, in-person market research sessions, teams are now using virtual solutions to gather and dissect qualitative and quantitative data, forming actionable consumer insights in real-time.

With the rise of online research has come better methods of conducting qualitative and quantitative research simultaneously. Though the concept of combining these traditionally disparate forms of research in a single project is not unique to the online era, virtual solutions have rendered this combination of methods far more effective. The quantitative research side focuses on numbers, gathering data for large base sizes of participants, and aiming to answer questions that often begin with “what”. The qualitative part focuses on driving at the “why” behind consumer behavior, thought processes, reasoning, emotions, motivations, or opinions. Together, these approaches are powerful tools in your pursuit of insight and understanding.

While research is a multi-step process that is not always linear, this ebook outlines the seven essential steps that all researchers should follow to ensure the best possible outcomes for online hybrid qual/quant research.

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7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Online Hybrid Qual/Quant Research
If you could dig deeper into the “why” behind your consumers’ behavior, thoughts, or attitudes, what would you ask them?

Better Testing with Online Hybrid Qual/Quant_______

Researchers have elevated their research efforts to a pursuit of actionable insights by using online hybrid qual/quant research methods to test product concepts, packaging, filmed content, advertising, and more. Hybrid qual/quant research helps teams determine which packages entice consumers to buy and why they choose one kind of packaging over the other. It enables studios to discover if viewers like a movie trailer or not and why it resonates with them or doesn’t. It helps marketers discover which parts of advertisements intrigue key consumers or turn them off and why they like the commercial or not. These are only a few of the many compelling use cases for this combined virtual methodology.

So, what does this mean for you? Maybe you’re just beginning to test the waters with online qual/quant research and want to know what you can do to sharpen your research, hone in on interesting insights, and become more efficient. Maybe this is the first time you’re ever hearing about online hybrid qual/quant research but you’re intrigued by the idea of it. Whether a seasoned online qual/quant expert or a hybrid research newbie, we hope you finish reading with a better understanding of what you need to succeed with online hybrid qual/quant.

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1 - Set goals for your research. The first step in any research project is to set goals, determining what you ultimately want to learn or what actionable insights you’d like to take away from the project. Ideally, you’re looking to achieve something with your research or reach some level of understanding you might not without it. 2 - Hone in on your target audience.  Once you’ve determined that online hybrid qual/ quant is the way forward, you must decide who your ideal participants are. One of the major benefits of conducting qual/quant research online is that you can reach your audience no matter where they are.