Invoke LIVE Research Events

Large-scale online focus groups that combine rich, qualitative perspectives with sample sizes typically found in quantitative research.

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Participate Live as the Research Unfolds

An Invoke researcher will visit you to host an online research event from your office. We’ll use the Invoke LIVE Observer Dashboard to watch the research unfold together, and you’ll instantly see which ideas, positioning, ads and concepts resonate with key audience segments.

And we’ll also analyze keywords and phrases that are trending in the open-ended responses, so you’ll know exactly “why” some ideas are winners – and some aren’t.

Conduct probes in real-time

Invoke LIVE does more than let you watch things unfold in real-time; it enables you to actively participate in the research.

As you analyze the responses to closed- and open-ended questions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and conduct 1:1 chats. Capture opinions and thoughts while they’re fresh on the minds of your audience, and receive all of your answers in one fell swoop.

Collaborate with your colleagues

We encourage you to invite your colleagues and stakeholders to join us for each research event. We’ll all sit together behind the ‘virtual glass’, discussing the findings, conducting follow-up probes and cycling through ideas on the spot.

Actively include your colleagues to quickly gain the confidence and consensus necessary to act.

Get your answers fast

There’s no reason to wait weeks for the insights you need right now.

The Invoke LIVE platform generates comprehensive insights and fully customizable reports within ONE HOUR after each research event concludes – delivered in .xls or .ppt format. And if you need more, your Invoke researcher can provide you with an exhaustive Invoke Insights Report™ a mere 4-5 days after each research event.

Invoke LIVE Practice Areas

Market Research

Actively participate in live, large-scale, qualitative research events. Immediately react to the unfolding research and walk away with the insights you need to make intelligent decisions.

Invoke LIVE Solutions

Invoke has the experience and expertise to help you in several areas, including:

Ads & Communication

Package Testing

Concept Evaluations

Shopper Insights

Audience & Brand Development

Video Content Testing

HR/Employee Alignment

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