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Invoke Solutions, the industry pioneer in conducting live, synchronous online research, announces the launch of the Invoke Media & Entertainment practice under the leadership of media industry veteran, Kathy Alexander, Vice President of Research & Insights.  This new practice boasts a suite of innovative tools and solutions that enable media companies to optimize content, develop audiences, and build brands using Invoke’s patented platform for hosting large-scale online research.

option2 w backround“The timing is right,” says Basil Bennett, CEO of Invoke.  “The media industry is undergoing significant change, and Invoke’s methodology and industry expertise make it well-suited to help these organizations minimize risk while optimizing returns.”

Invoke’s patented live research events offer real-time collaboration between media firms and consumers.  Stakeholders gather to engage simultaneously with hundreds of participants in order to test various media, concepts and ideas.  This allows clients to cycle through ideas and make strategic decisions – quickly and cost-effectively.  The result is a powerful combination of rich qualitative insights and large sample sizes that provide the confidence needed to act immediately on the findings.

Kathy has more than 20 years of experience consulting with media content creators and distributors.  Her flexible approach to designing research and her drive to uncover relevant and meaningful answers to tough questions has bolstered her reputation among her clients.  She joined Invoke in 2014, after spending more than 10 years as an Invoke client and advocate.

While leveraging all the assets Invoke offers, Kathy has assembled of core team of seasoned professionals to serve media and entertainment companies.  This team includes:

  • David Klein, Vice President of Product Strategy: A member of Invoke’s executive management team, David brings more than 20 years’ experience building award-winning SaaS, mobile, eLearning, and enterprise-class solutions.
  • Holly Williams, Vice President of Sales: A media research industry veteran, Holly is no stranger to introducing innovative techniques and methods to new clients, and she continues to partner with media firms and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Michael Berka, Director of Sales: Mike has a background in research operations, and he also established Invoke’s presence in Los Angeles in 2014.  He’s enjoyed considerable success designing and executing research projects that answer the tough questions facing today’s media and entertainment companies.

In the coming weeks, Invoke will host a live research event to showcase its patented platform for conducting large-scale online research events.  While more details will be shared in the near-future, people are encouraged to contact Kathy directly or visit to learn more.


About Invoke Solutions

Invoke Solutions, Inc. is a recognized leader in online market research and customer intelligence technology for Fortune 500 companies. Its patented software is considered the pioneer in real-time, large-scale qualitative and quantitative market research.


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