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Invoke helps Media & Entertainment firms optimize content, build brands and develop audiences for today’s complex media landscape.

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Research Methods Built for an Age of Disruption

Today’s media professionals must navigate a multi-channel, multi-platform environment of constantly changing consumer preferences. With Invoke’s combination of veteran, industry researchers and patented research software, you can qualitatively and quantitatively test media, concepts and ideas across a geographically dispersed customer base. And you can do it all in a single day, and get results and make a decision on the same day.

Conduct Your Research on a Single Platform

Media consumption has become increasingly complex, yet the research methods used to measure it are still stuck in the past. Conflicting methodologies and disparate studies result in wasted time and poor results.

Invoke is different. Our research methodology is built for today’s environment. Our unified research platform allows you to gather actionable intelligence as efficiently as possible. You no longer have to react to change. Now you can anticipate it.

Test New Ideas Quantitatively & Qualitatively

Quantitative research brings statistical correlation but lacks the ultra-important “why” of qualitative discovery. Meanwhile, qualitative exploration is great at examining emotional drivers, but it relies on notoriously small sample sizes and can become biased by dominant voices.

Invoke LIVE combines the best of both worlds.

You can include hundreds of participants in each 90-minute session. You’ll get the statistical confidence of quantitative research with deep understanding of quantitative discovery.


Once static viewing behaviors have undergone a massive transformation. Time-shifting, binge-watching and the proliferation of streaming services are just a few examples of the changes within the Media and Entertainment industries.

Invoke helps you to not only explore the “why” behind seismic changes, but to also understand what must be done in order to gain market share and maximize viewership potential.


Just a few years ago, not many would have guessed that companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu would so thoroughly disrupt the media landscape. The change is so drastic that, in a few more years, the media space may be completely unrecognizable.

Invoke can take you through “deep dives” to understand exactly what resonates most strongly about both your brand and your content – so you can keep the eyeballs you’ve earned and bring new ones onto your platform.


Content has become the ultimate double-edged sword. On one hand, consumers love the choices available to them through broadcast, cable, satellite and streaming providers. But on the other, they’ve become increasingly frustrated and confused as they try to sort through a dizzying array of of options.

Our team can guide you through large-scale, online research events, so you can truly understand how to curate your content – and deliver programming consumers want to watch, in ways they can understand.

Do It Better with Invoke LIVE

Invite your colleagues to participate in live, online research events that combine statistical confidence with qualitative discovery.
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Invoke has the experience and expertise to help you in several areas, including:

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