Meet the Team: Peter

Meet the Team: Peter

Peter Mackey Invoke

Peter Mackey leads the Invoke research team with his extraordinary vision as a Chief Research Officer. He is an effective leader who cultivates a great team dynamic and promotes creative and innovative solutions to problems.

Peter is a unique researcher who has excelled in and built practices around both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Peter always pushes for imaginative, new approaches and finds ways to implement those methods into the design of the research. He frequently speaks at industry conferences on the subject of research technology and innovation.

Peter has been Invoke’s CRO since June 2017. But his connection to Invoke goes back 15 years when the company was just being launched in the US. During the first 8 years of the company’s life, he served as Executive Vice President of Research & Business Development, helping to bring the first generation of the platform to life. He left in 2011 to join Hall & Partners in New York as Managing Partner and ultimately CEO. But his yearning for innovative methods, and his belief in Invoke’s solution, caused him to return in 2017.

Prior to his research years, Peter spent the first half of his career in advertising, working for agencies such as JWT, FCB and Anderson Lembke. His multi-faceted marketing career has given him a deep experience in market research, brand building, communications and customer experience.

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