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Invoke Live
Marth D. Swan
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Invoke Platform

Real-Time, Collaborative Decision Making

Invoke’s patented technology enables simultaneous, interactive discussions with hundreds of consumers, aggregates the feedback, and presents the results in real time, as the conversation progresses.
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Invoke LIVE

Live, Meaningful, Actionable Insights

Invoke LIVE combines the statistical confidence you get from quant studies with the rich, insightful feedback you get from qualitative work—all in one session—letting you do more with less.
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John C. Barnett
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Invoke Asynchronous

When Participants Can't All Be There at Once

Asynchronous sessions allow respondents to participate over a few days, yielding the same deep, rich qualitative insights we get in our LIVE sessions.
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Global Solutions

Seamless Real-time Global Research

Real-time translations allow teams and key stakeholders to participate in live international sessions as they would a domestic session.
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