“We use Invoke to test every campaign. It’s insurance. We use other tools, too, but no one else give us the ‘whys.’ ”

What If Participants Can't All Be There at Once

What if you found yourself looking to conduct research among a group of people who need the flexibility to participate when it is convenient for them, such as doctors, top-level managers, experts etc.?

Or what if your stakeholders want to conduct research in an opposite time-zone than your own?

What if you need your insights almost immediately, but still want deep learnings with the statistical confidence that large sample sizes can offer?

Capture the Same Deep, Rich Qualitative Insights

Invoke’s Asynchronous solution has the answers while still maintaining the advantages of an Invoke Live session. Our Asynchronous sessions run for a few days during which respondents can log in and complete the research session at their leisure. The respondent experience is identical to an Invoke Live session, which allows us to still capture the deep, rich qualitative insights we get in our Live sessions.

Our Asynchronous sessions can be turned around very quickly, while still enabling you to benefit from the deep understanding generated by qualitative discovery along with the statistical confidence associated with quantitative research.

Even More Details

Targeted Sampling

If you need a national sample of prime-time viewers or a unique target that fits a specific profile, Invoke’s panel partners will find the right viewers.

Moment to Moment Dials

Essential for pinpointing moments in the storyline that work — or don’t. Respondents use their mouse to provide in-the-moment feedback. End points can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Digital Rights Management

Invoke provides individual watermarking on the video, using each respondent’s unique ID or nickname. We also enable our clients to select where on the screen the watermark should be placed.

Video Rotation

For short-form content where more than one version of the video may be under-consideration, Invoke’s platform allows for monadic and sequential monadic rotations to eliminate order bias.