“Invoke compresses the months-long, 2-step research and decision process. It’s real-time impact.”

A Name Is a Name
… Or Is It?

Words, names, phrases that invoke a sentiment in English may not invoke the same sentiment in another language or another country. Content created in one country is often marketed and offered to audiences around the world. With Invoke, you can test original content, ads, names, messages, and any other concept in over 100 countries around the world. Our technology platform supports real time translations to/from 50 languages.

Seamless Real-time Global Research

Whether a research project is domestic or global, the expectation usually remains the same – fast answers and immediate decisions. Whether a session is live or asynchronous, Invoke’s platform translates data (both closed-end and open-end verbatim data) in real-time.
And further, if questions are added on-the-fly to be asked of the respondents during a session, those questions are translated on the spot.

Real-time translations allow teams and key stakeholders to participate in live international sessions as they would a domestic session – reading through responses, keying in on impactful insights, and identifying areas for further probing. Research teams can make real-time decisions as the session unfolds rather than waiting for translations days later.

Neural Machine Translation

Invoke’s platform uses neural machine translations that are more closely aligned to a human speaker. Unlike older rules-based translation, the neural network learns over time and captures the cultural and linguistic nuances like a native speaker.

Even More Details

Targeted Sampling

If you need a national sample of prime-time viewers or a unique target that fits a specific profile, Invoke’s panel partners will find the right viewers.

Moment to Moment Dials

Essential for pinpointing moments in the storyline that work — or don’t. Respondents use their mouse to provide in-the-moment feedback. End points can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Digital Rights Management

Invoke provides individual watermarking on the video, using each respondent’s unique ID or nickname. We also enable our clients to select where on the screen the watermark should be placed.

Video Rotation

For short-form content where more than one version of the video may be under-consideration, Invoke’s platform allows for monadic and sequential monadic rotations to eliminate order bias.