“We use Invoke because it is the only solution where we can get the results in the same day.”

Inclusive and Conclusive

Are you faced with the challenge of getting “in-market” quickly – sometimes while ideas are still on the drawing board? Do you need a fast, effective way to test, optimize and make intelligent decisions? Invoke LIVE combines the statistical confidence you get from quant studies with the rich, insightful feedback you get from qualitative work—all in one session—letting you do more with less.

Beyond Online Focus Groups

Invoke LIVE lets you have it all, combining the quant sample sizes and metrics with the rich verbatims of qualitative research, all within a 30-90 minute LIVE research event. Plus, at the end of the LIVE session, clients have the option to activate the new Invoke Vis-a-Vis feature. With this feature, clients can hand-select 16 participants from the session to turn on their cameras for a face-to-face conversation with the moderator. These conversations dig deeper into the “why” behind the “what,” enabling teams to uncover all of the rich qual/quant insights needed to make same-day decisions.

This is the next generation, beyond online focus groups.

Get to Market Faster

Cut timelines in half by hosting a live, online research event with hundreds of qualified participants and get results in real time, during the session. And get a customized crosstab report at the end of the session.

Do More With Less

Save time and money by combining quant and qual studies into a single hybrid research event. The participants all join via a web browser, and you and your stakeholders are in the virtual room with Invoke’s moderator as she/he facilitates the live event through a web conference.

Sit At the Table

With Invoke, you’ll have a role in shaping new ideas and setting direction. Invite your colleagues to join the web conference as you watch the research unfold in real-time. Your voice will be heard as you discuss the findings, insert follow-up questions and conduct 1:1 chats that enable everyone to walk away with a clear understanding of what happened – and what needs to happen next.

Even More Details

Targeted Sampling

If you need a national sample of prime-time viewers or a unique target that fits a specific profile, Invoke’s panel partners will find the right viewers.

Moment to Moment Dials

Essential for pinpointing moments in the storyline that work — or don’t. Respondents use their mouse to provide in-the-moment feedback. End points can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Digital Rights Management

Invoke provides individual watermarking on the video, using each respondent’s unique ID or nickname. We also enable our clients to select where on the screen the watermark should be placed.

Video Rotation

For short-form content where more than one version of the video may be under-consideration, Invoke’s platform allows for monadic and sequential monadic rotations to eliminate order bias.