Thomas K. Arnold
Thomas K. Arnold is a journalist at JCH Media. He has covered the entertainment industry for almost three decades.

Sheri Conn
Sheri Conn is a former marketing and franchise executive at DreamWorks, Paramount and Disney.

Tole Khesin (Moderator)
Invoke marketing

State of the Entertainment Industry with Thomas K. Arnold and Sheri Conn

The year 2020 saw seismic shifts in the entertainment industry — some brought on by the pandemic and others accelerated by it. Movie studios’ long-held dreams of having movies break in theaters and on home screens at the same time has become a forced reality. The rise of PVOD has shaken up movie release and distribution practices industry leaders have followed for years. Are these changes temporary or will they forever change how movies are created, tested, and marketed?

Topics covered:

  • The shortening theatrical window and its impact on television and home entertainment
  • Changes in how movies are made
  • The push by streamers toward more original content
  • Growth prospects for SVOD
  • Adaptation of theatrical trailers and ads
  • How does the marketing message change?
  • Growing impact of social media
  • Virtual research screenings