Episode Testing

Invoke offers speed, scale, and selectivity. Both qualitative and quantitative feedback are collected in a single hour-long session.

Live Event Testing

Live-To-View Programming Testing - Will audiences like it? What do they like about it? What don’t they like about it?

Trailer Testing

Invoke offers a solution that all-at-once provides insight into the broad effect of a trailer as well as a way to examine more granularly how a trailer performs moment-to-moment.

Ad Testing

Advertising is an expensive endeavor for marketers, making it critical that brands go to market with ads that will be engaging, persuasive and far-reaching.

Product & Package Testing

At Invoke, we understand that optimizing product and packaging concepts goes beyond simply measuring a handful of key metrics.

With hundreds of viewers participating in each Invoke LIVE qualitative event, you can be confident your final decision is supported by statistically sound data.

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