Advertiser’s Ace in the Hole

Advertising is an expensive endeavor for marketers, making it critical that brands go to market with ads that will be engaging, persuasive and far-reaching. That is where ad testing comes in. A well-designed ad test can be a brand’s ace in the hole, providing it with in-depth consumer feedback it needs to produce the strongest advertising possible. While traditional advertising can certainly provide the necessary insights, it often comes with a steep price tag and long timeline, forcing marketers to skip the research and produce advertising based on subjective opinions.

We understand how risky that subjective choice can be for brands and designed our ad testing solution to make it not only insightful but cost effective and fast. Our dynamic, real-time platform delves into the strengths and weaknesses of multiple ads in a single evening, gathering critical feedback to help you optimize your advertising.

Enables clients and their agencies to understand not only how consumers feel about the advertising but why they feel that way. Plus, because our sessions are LIVE, moderated and inclusive, a variety of stakeholders have the opportunity to add on-the-fly questions to gain deeper insights into what they can do to optimize their advertising.
Cost effective
Multiple executions can be tested in a single session, without fear of order bias. Plus Invoke sessions are remote, so our clients can gain the deeper qualitative responses from hundreds of participants in a Live moderated session without the expense of travel.
All of this can be done in a single evening, ensuring that advertisers and their agencies have the information they need when they need it most.

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