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Studios, networks, and streaming services pilot test new content and perform series maintenance with Invoke. We enable our clients to optimize storylines, characters, and specific scenes in episodes and feature films prior to release by combining all inputs in to one holistic methodology.

Traditionally, episode testing has relied on central location testing which introduces geographic biases and has small sample sizes. The traditional methodologies also cannot reach specific demographic segments, making it difficult to perform series maintenance.

Quantitative attributes and analysis of open-ended responses are presented on a comprehensive dashboard as the responses are received.
Hundreds of consumers participate in the live moderated session via a browser, from their homes.
The consumers are recruited to our client’s criteria for each episode, representing different regions of the country, demographic backgrounds, and viewing preferences. Invoke will manage quotas to ensure you are hearing from all of your target audience segments.

Real-Time Episode Testing

1. Complete stakeholder involvement
All stakeholders – producers, showrunners, marketing, creative, and consumer insights – can sit together with the Invoke researcher, watch the session unfold in real-time, and ask viewers questions. This inclusive approach brings both research and non-research teams together around the voices of the consumers.
2. Moment-to-moment dials
As the consumers watch a program, a digital slider can be used to track in-the-moment sentiment as the video plays. The dial trace data is displayed in real-time as the viewers watch the video, enabling the stakeholders to see viewers’ reactions from scene to scene.
3. In-depth evaluation
After viewing the content, viewers respond to quantitative diagnostic questions and qualitative open-ends to better understand episode performance, identify areas of strength and weakness, and understand why viewers felt the way they did.
4. Flexibility
Researchers and stakeholders can insert questions on-the-fly and chat 1-on-1 with viewers to react to shifts in the conversation, follow-up on points of success and challenge identified in the dials, and dive deep with viewers to leave no stone unturned.
Invoke’s platform offers advanced security features including individual watermarking of videos. Our cloud-based app has been audited by the Trusted Partner Network as well as individual studios’ security teams so that we can test pre-release content.

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