Recruit-to-View for Live Events

Live Programming can generate a lot of excitement amongst both content producers and viewers, but they can also generate a lot of unease that isn’t typically associated with prerecorded content. While live events and programs carry with them a number of the same questions as prerecorded content – Will audiences like it? What do they like about it? What don’t they like about it? What scenes, characters, storylines, etc. work best and which ones fail to connect with audiences? – live programming also has an element of unpredictability. And while unpredictability is a big part of what makes Live Programming so appealing, it also adds a unique layer of challenge.

Using Invoke LIVE, producers and distributors can gather feedback immediately following a live program--we call this Live-to-View ©. Research focused on Live Programming needs to not only be able to gather feedback, but there needs to be an element of flexibility where researchers and stakeholders can be nimble enough to not only react to unexpected shifts in feedback but also insert questions or stim on-the-fly based on surprises that occur during the program or event.

Live-to-View © Combines:

In-depth evaluation
After viewing the content, viewers respond to quantitative diagnostic questions and qualitative open-ends to better understand episode performance, identify areas of strength and weakness, and understand why viewers felt the way they did.
Researchers and stakeholders can insert questions on-the-fly and chat 1-on-1 with viewers to react to shifts in the conversation, ask questions based on unexpected elements of the live program, and dive deep with viewers to leave no stone unturned.
Speed to insight
Immediately following the session, researchers and the appropriate stakeholders have access to all necessary data (custom crosstabs, PowerPoint charts, raw data, access to their unique Invoke dashboard), thus empowering teams with rapid insight often even before the overnights come in!
Complete stakeholder involvement
All stakeholders – producers, showrunners, marketing, creative, consumer insights – can sit together with the Invoke researcher and watch the session unfold in real time and ask questions of viewers. This inclusive approach brings both research and non-research teams together around the voices of the consumers.

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